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Homestead Meats: Evanston's Butcher Shop


Looking to provide the most healthy, ethical, and flavorful meats for your family—meats that you can feel good about eating?


At Homestead Meats, a butcher shop serving Chicago and the North Shore, we handcraft unique, fresh meats, deli meats, sausages, and other charcuterie using traditional techniques from around the world, a dash of innovation, and all-natural ingredients. 


We source from family‐owned, sustainable Midwestern farms that raise their livestock in open pastures without hormones or GMO feed. These methods produce more healthful meat, provide a kinder existence for livestock, and are less taxing to the environment.  Just as important, you'll find that our meats are vastly superior in taste.


Read more about our farms, our products, and our story to learn why our meats are in a league far above what you'll find at the supermarket. 


Homestead Meats Named "Best Butcher Shop" by Chicago Magazine

"This diminutive storefront is what you always imagined a butcher shop to be in some mythical past. Ehran Ostrreicher gets all his meats from seven area farms (including Slagel Family Farm and Gunthorp Farms), cuts and trims everything himself, and will offer you plenty of guidance on how to make the most of your rack of lamb. The selection of housemade sausages changes frequently, but if you see the Turkish kebab sausages . . . grab them-- the beef-and-lamb blend pops with mint and tomato and may be one of the best encased meats in town." (Click for orginal article)

Homestead Meats Named 2018 Best Butcher in Chicago by Chicago Magazine
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